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REV Solar is an independent EPC Contractor that designs, engineers, builds, finances, and maintains a variety of Renewable Energy Projects. Our main area of concentration is in the Photovoltaic Industry and we also specialize in energy efficiencies, Waste To Energy, Micro Grids, Utility Scale Projects, Battery Storage, Recycling and Sorting Facilities, Brown Fields, Generators, CHP and more.

Our Goals are to help provide clean sustainable energy for clients that have a demand for more affordable, clean energy and a long-term objective of mitigating singular utility attachment. Using a diverse technology field, we can provide financing and build out scenarios in which each unique client can help lower their overall dependency to a weaker, more expensive, and less reliable utility source. Our hybrid approach allows us to offer clients at a minimum the ability to lower their power purchasing rate and a maximum of becoming their own micro grid controlling their energy future. With the unreliability of the local grid(s) and ever escalating pricing REV can deliver options for every type of client.

REV has a strong foothold in the Caribbean and US Markets and we recently have expanded to become an international force as well. Our offices in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, South Carolina and Maryland allow us to service all markets extremely efficiently. As an EPC Contractor we pride ourselves on being able to deliver on-time and on-budget projects for our clients and investors. Our highly educated diverse team of engineers, project managers, and finance allow us to forecast project schedules that can be relied on and bankable. With over 10 years in the Renewable Sector REV has placed itself as one of the most experienced, reliable competent companies in the industry.

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About Us

Our Team

REV Solar consists of an expert team of developers, builders, administration, finance and consultants.

Allsolar of PR was founded in 2008 as a design and construction firm, specializing in photovoltaic energy for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Their professional staff of certified architects, electricians, engineers and designers have worked diligently over the last six years, successfully installing technologically advanced photovoltaic systems in all parts of Puerto Rico. In 2013, Allsolar of PR restructured to All Solar and Lighting Solutions, LLC (ASLS) and expanded its offerings to include LED lighting solutions, both commercially available and custom manufactured through its OEM manufacturing partners for new and retro-fitted lighting efficiency projects. To date, their business has been built on the commitment to provide high quality products and excellent customer service through detailed analysis of the most efficient methods and technologies to reduce energy load and maximize the effectiveness of their PV systems.

The company's philosophy states "The job is never complete until the client is satisfied". One aspect that sets ASLS apart from other companies is their attention to detail. Each situation is analyzed to develop custom solutions that will maximize energy savings and return on investment for each client. ASLS stands by the statement that "Solar, combined with LED lighting, is the future. Companies which adopt these technologies, will maximize their profits and increase their operating budgets by reducing wasted expense on inefficient power usage". ASLS's LED lighting division is focused on commercial and industrial applications with a special emphasis on designing custom LED lights for parking garages, commercial office and retail spaces.